Hike the Green Organic Mountain Fields – Tau Tiibi

Hike the Green Organic Mountain Fields – Tau Tiibi

The remoteness of this trail (1-hour trek one way) makes it an exhilarating experience and the landscape is beyond any imagination. Tao Tiibi is home to Roto Pani family, the sole habitat of this place who has been living and farming here since 1968. You will be astonished to see the systematic channels and canals for irrigation even in such a hilltop. If that is not enough for you then you can even get your hands dirty by stepping in their farm to help. Lunch is included in the trip!


Rs. 2,626 per person including packed lunch and transfers.

• Starts at 9 am
• Maximum 20 persons per group per day.
• Maximum 5 hours.
• KITE MANJA reserves its right to change the time, destination, entire programme if they find its good for all.


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