All the questions in your head…

answered by the bisons at Ziro Festival

What does the festival ticket include?

The festival ticket includes entry to the festival venue on the days specified. All other facilities like travel, accommodation, food… will have to be bought separately.

Can I resell my festival ticket?

We usually discourage reselling your tickets but in the eventuality of no other option, you may resell your ticket after consulting the ZFM team at

Do I need a special permit to come to Ziro?

Yes, all visitors to Arunachal Pradesh need a permit to enter the state. Indians need to get an Inner Line Permit (ILP) and foreigners need a Protected Area Permit (PAP). The ILP and PAP can be obtained at the Arunachal Pradhesh Tourism Offices in all major cities. The ILP can also be obtained online through or at the Arunachal Pradesh Tourism office in Guwahati Airport as well as Naharlagun Railway Station. For the ILP, you need a passport photo and ID (original and copies).

Where do I stay in Ziro?

There are numerous homestays, hotels and camping arrangements in Ziro during the festival. Our Accommodation section will be updated closer to the festival. However, it’s advisable to use a travel agent or book directly well in advance.

How do I get to Ziro?

Check our Getting There page to know more.

What should I pack for the festival?

This should cover it: raincoat, hat, water bottle, foldable chair, headlamp, dry-bag, wellies, wallet.

Is there good phone network at the festival?

Network is sketchy so prepare accordingly.

Is it cold in Ziro? Does it rain?

The weather is the best part. It’s a bit nippy at night and if the sun comes out during the day, you’d probably want to strip down to a t-shirt (or less!). We’d highly recommend packing a sweatshirt and rain jacket because traditionally it has always rained during the festival even if in short spurts. Wellies/gumboots definitely help.

Is it safe to travel to Ziro?

Travelling to Ziro is probably safer than travelling in Delhi! The people you’ll meet are warm, hospitable and ready to help. However, do make it a point to respect local culture and sensibilities. Most of the people you meet have ancient histories and heritage. Be inquisitive but don’t be intrusive.

Is Ziro Festival kid-friendly?

Yes, children below the age of 12 years are free to enter the site as long as they are accompanied by an adult. There are areas in the venue designed to entertain kids. It would be advisable to keep the kids close to because of the overwhelming crowds in certain places.

What kind of food and drinks will be available at the festival? Am I allowed to bring my own?

There will be lots of food and beverage stalls inside and outside the festival venue selling cuisine ranging from local tribal fare to burgers and sausages. There’s a well-stocked festival bar selling beers and spirits. Many stalls also stock fresh local wines and rice beer. You are not allowed to carry your alcohol inside the venue.

How much money should I carry on me? Where’s the closest ATM?

Festival goers claim that Rs 2000 a day per person should cover your food and drinks with ease although we’ve heard that some have managed to do it for cheaper thanks to the friends they made! The closest ATM is about half hour away from the festival.

I am travelling alone but I could do with some company. How do I find fellow tribe members?

“Travelling in a group makes the experience more memorable” – Old ZFM saying. Get on our Facebook page or try joining our online forum to find people to travel with or carpool or share a tent with.

I am an artist and I want to perform at Ziro Festival. How do I get on the roster?

Ziro Festival is curated by a team of music lovers who keep their eyes and ears out for new and interesting acts. Please send your profiles to It helps if you already have had an album out in the same year. Also, sending a profile doesn’t necessarily mean selection. The team gets hundreds of entries and only a handful make it to the stage.

I am a visitor but I have a couple of artists I would love to see at Ziro Festival. Can I recommend them to you?

Yes, please. We are constantly on the lookout for exciting acts.

I am a visual/performance/installation artist and I would love to get my work to Ziro Festival. How do I do this?

Please send us a mail with your work to

I want to sponsor/raise sponsorship for Ziro Festival. Can I?

Sponsorships are vital to keep the festival sustainable. Please send us your proposals to

Is the rice beer really strong?

Not at all. It’s delicious but too much of anything can go wrong


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