It should have been here 💔

This is a tough one but here we go: Ziro Festival of Music 2020 will not happen in September. We are not even sure if it will happen in 2020. Every year around this time, the festival production team would have been working relentlessly to build the festival with their bare hands. Campsites would have found ideal spots for their little havens. And attendees would be reaching out to each other, sometimes complete strangers, to plan the journey of their lives. But not this year. 

This is the year to take a step back and let nature recuperate.

This is the year of healing. 

For now, all we have are stories to keep the festive spirit alive. Please continue to share your Ziro moments on your personal blogs and social media pages like you always do. We’ll send festival merch to the best stories. Just tag us #zirofestival or mail us at management@zirofestival.com. 

And finally, do subscribe to our mailing list to receive our newsletter. There’s a lot of music, art and virtual events we have in store for you in the coming weeks. Although nothing can truly replace the joy of watching a band play in the great outdoors. 

Till we all meet again, respect nature and look after one another. 


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