Ziro Festival of Music launches its for the first-ever Sustainable Design Residence Workshop led by Kollol Brahmadutta.

The workshop will focus on learning and creating with locally-sourced eco-friendly materials. Only two students/participants will be chosen to be a part of the month-long workshop where they will learn under the guidance of sustainable architect-artist Kollol Brahmadutta.

Kokrajhar-born, Kollol Brahma Dutta is a sustainable architect-artist with a passion for working with locally-sourced materials. He began working on tensile structures and installations decades ago and has worked with some of the biggest festivals in India. He has been the chief architect at Ziro Festival of Music since it was founded seven years ago.

The workshop will run from 25 August–25 September, 2018. Participants will be provided transport from Guwahati, accommodation and food. All materials and basic equipment will be provided by the festival, and the ownership of the work will remain with the artists.




Dear Ziro Tribe,
This year Ziro Festival of Music is going Zero Waste, and we need you to make this possible. Join us as we try to move away from the use-and-throw culture and reduce our plastic waste.
The reasons are clear. Alarming facts are emerging on global plastic waste pollution. The world has produced 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic, and a shocking 6.3 billion tonnes of that plastic has been trashed. Plastic waste will outlive all of us, and our children, and our great grandchildren and quite possibly the human life itself. It really IS forever.
Here are few things you can do:
1. Bring a Zero Waste Kit Bag ​with a reusable water bottle and mug. Bamboo mugs shall also be available for sale at a nominal price. Bringing your own serveware also goes a long way in reducing trash.
2. Stay hydrated but minus the plastic waste​. ​Use the water dispensers around the venue to fill your reusable bottles.
3. Eat & Drink Trash Free ​Food stalls will serve a variety of freshly cooked food, served on biodegradable serveware. We are also trying to do away with the practice of serving locally brewed drinks in reused plastic bottles so please use, and reuse, the bamboo mug. And take it back home as the perfect souvenir!
4. Reduce the plastic load ​To leave the Ziro Valley free from plastic waste, we urge you not to carry plastic packaged food, shampoo sachets (bring containers), and other tiny gutka, toffee wrappers, which are the hardest to remove from the environment. In case you do use them, please use the biodegradable bag the festival has made especially for you, to collect your waste. Please do not litter!
5. Play the TRASH GAME! ​At the festival box office, do not forget to pick your FREE coloured festival badges. This badge is not just a free giveaway, but you now belong to the red/green/yellow team. And look out for the garbage segregation bin that corresponds to your colour. THIS is where you will throw your trash, and play hard, cause there is a SURPRISE for the team that collects the most trash over four days.
The trash is linked to scrap dealers and sent for recycling post festival.
6. NO LITTERING. NO BUTTS PLEASE! ​Please ensure that you deposit all your trash in the garbage bins. And smokers, please carry an ashtray for your cigarette butts. You can empty them into the specially made cigarette butt bins. If you do see any litter, please don’t look away. Pick it up and throw it in the bin.
7. Sign up for volunteering ​Volunteers are welcome to sign up to help the event organisers make the Zero Waste Challenge possible. If you would like to join, please contact us at the Information Office.

The ‘Ziro for Zero Waste Initiative’ is being supported by the Zero Waste Himalaya Group, which is a pan Himalayan platform working on issues of sustainable waste management practices.


As part of our community initiative, we join hands with Arunachal's premier institute St Claret College for the first ever Ziro Literary Festival on 29 September. It's free for all and features an eclectic panel of writers, poets, filmmakers and activists.

See you in Ziro!